Tea Talk and a Free Download

It’s time for round 2 of Tea Talk, where I share a little bit of what I’ve been up to around here (be prepared for some ramblings about my life and pictures courtesy of my new found knowledge of Collage Maker). We’ve settled into life here in Wyoming and we’ve had some time to enjoy what this state is all about.

We took two longer trips (in addition to the occasional weekend drive) to beautiful Yellowstone National Park. I can’t believe we live within an hour of this park and I am in awe of the beauty and majesty of it every time we go. We spent a weekend exploring Old Faithful and stayed at the enchanting Lake Yellowstone Hotel. BEST. GETAWAY.EVER. I’m still running off fumes from that trip.

We took another day trip up to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, past Mount Washburn and through the Lamar Valley. Words can’t even describe how incredible it was or how much I love buffalo. Plus two grizzly sightings in one trip (hey, I don’t mind seeing them from the safety of the car).


In addition to working part time at a local Christian school, I’m teaching a couple of art classes to school age students. I love the variety that this art hobby/business is providing me. And I love sharing my love of beauty with others. I’m stretching myself to articulate something that has become second nature to me. As organized and structured as I am, I really am pretty right-brained in my way of thinking and communicating, so it’s a good challenge to learn to speak clearly about something that is so abstract and subjective.

Art Classes.jpg

Just for fun, I have to share some pictures of the Mary Poppins tea party I recently did with my literature group at school. I can say this for myself, I’m nothing if not thorough in executing an idea. So I went all in and had a blast planning and preparing for this little party, complete with Mary Poppins attire.


If you’ve visited my Etsy shop, Birds and Berry Studio, lately, you’ve noticed it’s looked a little sparse. I’ve been hoarding up my projects for a local craft fair. Whatever doesn’t sell I’ll be adding to my shop around Thanksgiving so there will still be time to browse and purchase some last minute gifts for Christmas. Sometimes I can’t believe I have this opportunity in my life to pursue this passion of mine. This has been such a unique window of time for me to explore this business and I am embracing it for as long as it lasts. I dream in color and live for the inspiration.


And I don’t have any pictures of this part of our lives, but we’re so grateful to be part of a church community where we can serve using our gifts and fellowship with other believers. This has been such a welcome part of our cross-country move to a new town.

And finally, I’m loving these sweet little feathers I did recently (can I say that about my own artwork?). I turned them into a Thanksgiving image for you guys. Just click on the image to download and print.


What have you all been up to? Take any last minute summer/fall trips? Any big plans for the holidays?


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7 Responses to Tea Talk and a Free Download

  1. Kelsey says:

    Love your Yellowstone photos! Isn’t it just the most amazing place?! During college I went on a summer project with Campus Crusade and worked at the Old Faithful Inn, and lived in an employee dorm only a 2 minute walk from Old Faithful. It was just amazing. I was there three months and still didn’t see the whole park!


  2. joellepovolni says:

    Loved your beautiful pictures. What city do you live in? My husband and I, about five yours ago, lived in Loveland, Colorado and were able to visit Wyoming. It’s a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Jean Opelt says:

    Thanks for the lovely feather picture! I never quibble about free artwork from one of my favorite artists!


  4. This is a beautiful site. I saw your link at Coffee for My Heart. I am also an artist and blogger. Love the chickadee and berry signature image!


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