Valentine’s Day Roundup and a Free Printable

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a day I used to be strongly convinced was invented by card and chocolate companies to increase sales in the least eventful time of the year. Who needs love when you can be an independent women free of the entanglements of romance?

My, how things changed once I got married.

Poor Owen. Our first Valentine’s Day he took me out to a nice restaurant the weekend before and that was it. No flowers, chocolates, or sweet cards on the actually day, and I wouldn’t speak to him for a good 24 hours. To his credit, he thought I was still the same Valentine’s-hating girl I was before we got married, but no. Now I felt this was en excuse to indulge in two of my favorite things – chocolate and flowers (I’m more cliche than I’d like to think). Because everyone knows that true love is as simple as a nice dinner and a few gifts.

All that to say we’ve found a pleasant compromise in our years together – fondue date night. It gives us a fun activity to do together, a delicious meal, and allows us to avoid the crowded restaurants. Of course, he now dutifully buys me flowers and a box of chocolates.

In reality, romance in marriage should be more than just a single day of the year. Candy and sappy cards really have nothing to do with it. Owen shows me love every day when he gets up and works hard so I can pursue my dreams. I see his love when he slows his pace on a hike so I can keep up. Or when he cleans the kitchen because he knows it’s my least favorite job. Real love is a series of daily dying to self; but it’s also in the mundane that we see each other for who we truly are and that’s a pretty amazing thing. There’s something really special about living with my best friend who knows who I really am and still likes me. And vice versa.

If you’re in the mood for a few posts about love and marriage, I’ve rounded up all my past posts on the topic for your reading pleasure. And if you scroll to the bottom, there’s a sweet little cupcake card printable if you still need a Valentine’s card for your special someone.


7 Things I Learned in 7 Years of Marriage


Our Love Story Part 1Our Love Story Part 2Our Love Story Part 3


What Loving Others Like Jesus Really Means


We Love Because He First Loved Us


10 Free or Inexpensive Ways to Date Your Spouse



Choose the white “you’re sweet” cupcake card or the pink “you’re sweet” cupcake card or print both for different occasions. Enjoy Valentine’s day (whether you’re spending time with your honey or treating yourself to something special) and remember in your chocolate coma that love is more than just a single day.




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6 Responses to Valentine’s Day Roundup and a Free Printable

  1. jerushaagen says:

    Ah-hah! So you like Valentine’s Day now! I remember the anti-Valentine’s Day lectures you used to deliver. 😉 haha Glad that’s changed. I, for one, have always enjoyed the excuse for chocolate, regardless of my marital status. 🙂


  2. Lillian says:

    I love your Valentines Day printable and have shared it on my facebook page and also on Twitter!

    I hope you had a Wonderful Valentines Day!


  3. Great thoughts. Love the printable!


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