Where the Magic Happens

I don’t have a dining room anymore. Not there there was much of a dining room to begin with in this cozy little apartment, but what accommodations there once were for sitting at a table and eating are now gone.

Why? You ask. The corner of our kitchen that should be used for eating is now my art studio. That’s right. It’s filled with paints, brushes, pencils, and baskets full of cards. I love this little space and the big window that lets in sunshine.

Here’s a little peek into where the magic happens…

Where the Magic Happens

It’s amazing how much can be jammed into a $16 Walmart shelf if one has the will. And the clipboard wall is in a temporary state of tidiness. We’ll see how long that lasts. Half the fun is arranging and rearranging supplies and displays.

clipboard wall

Art Supply Shelves

I’ve always drawn and painted my whole life, but since starting this journey of running an art business, I’ve really been working to perfect the craft. I’ve researched best products to use, taken tutorials, and read books. And of course, I practice a lot.

Art Resources and materials

I’m slowly adding to my house portrait portfolio. I love that people have special memories of places they’ve lived and trust me to help preserve those memories.

House portrait

I just added oil painting to my repertoire, and it might be my favorite medium yet. I love how bright and dimensional it is.

Bouquet Painting

Most of the time I have three or four projects going at once to stave off the possibility that I might get bored. So most of the time my table looks like this…or worse. (Why yes, that’s a camera in a selfie stick in a towel in a pot. Why? How do you film your process videos?)

Art Studio

I don’t use my easel the way most artists do; you know, to actually paint on. It mostly houses projects, ideas, and inspiration.

Art Studio

Every painting is a bit of an experiment, and I see it as an opportunity to improve. Even though I’m a very goal-oriented person, I’m learning to see the value in the process and even the mistakes. My self-confidence ebbs and flows as I succeed and fail with certain paintings and ideas. I try to remind myself that the process is as important as the product.

Watercolor Progress

Sometimes a little snack is required to make it through the afternoon slump. I’m a night owl and come alive after dinner, but my most uninterrupted work time is in the afternoon, so sometimes I just have to push through.

Oil Painting Nature

Let’s not forget about the storage and packaging corner of this apartment. Tucked in between my teaching supplies and Owen’s computer are all the boxes and art pieces ready to be sent out. We try to keep this disaster out of sight.

Where the Magic happens

You guys know about this floating shelf for rotating art, but I bet you didn’t know my hard-working scanner and art class supplies were right underneath it.




I’m pretty addicted to organization, and there’s nothing that makes me happier than having a place for each little item.

Art Supplies

There’s your behind the scenes look at where I do what I do. It provides a little corner for me to see and share the beauty in life that points us to our creator. Thanks for taking the tour of my happy place!



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4 Responses to Where the Magic Happens

  1. What a fun tour! It looks like a beautiful place to create! P.S. I LOVE your house painting!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jean says:

    I loved that little visit, and seeing all the new things you’re working on. Good job organizing everything!

    Liked by 1 person

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