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Tea Talk (and a Free Printable)

It’s been awhile since I last popped in with a little life update (like here and here). The spring semester always seems to fly by for me, but this year I was battling sickness and the incessant winter so much that it’s seemed … Continue reading

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The One Thing No One Tells You About Starting A Business

After I started my Etsy shop, I discovered that the internet if full of information about how to be successful. Much of it is very helpful. For someone like me who had no real plan going in, I have learned a … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Bring Back the Lost Art of Snail Mail

Remember handwritten letters? You know, snail mail? Like actual cards that people wrote and sent in the mail? Even though I grew up during the age of letter-writing, I’ve almost forgotten that that’s an option anymore. We live in such … Continue reading

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Driving Out Fear By Remembering the Whole Story

  Although I’ve been a Christian most of my life, I’ve grown in my understanding of the deep implications of God’s word in the last ten years or so. I used to view the bible as a collection of little … Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words -Leaves in the Wind (A Mother’s Story)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Shelby of Shelby at Home and she was gracious enough to write a wonderful guest post for me as part of my “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” … Continue reading

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5 Ways to See the Beauty in Unexpected Places (and a Free Printable)

If you’re like me, you might find it’s easy to become distracted by everyday worries, responsibilities, and beeping notifications that constantly vy for your attention. The whole “stop and smell the roses” thing can become nonexistent in our lives. And yet, it’s oh so important.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the reason I’m doing what I’m doing; about my desire to point others toward beauty, and about how what we see changes us. This pursuit might seem superficial, but I think there are hints of Eden all around us; traces of God in the ordinary. Slowing down to notice them is the only challenge. So I’m offering a few simple ideas to take to heart when seeking beauty in the unexpected places. Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – A Wedding in the Mountains

They say you can’t pick your family, and how much more true that is for your in-laws. So I’m really fortunate to have fallen in love with a man who has an awesome family. My in-laws are all really great … Continue reading

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Seeing the Beauty in Unexpected Places

God could have made this world ordinary, ugly, and boring. It would have served it’s purpose without anything especially interesting to look at. But He chose to infuse it with life and color and fascinating creations. As I imagine it, the Garden of Eden was a place of untainted beauty and we still see remnants of that today. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Roundup and a Free Printable

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, a day I used to be strongly convinced was invented by card and chocolate companies to increase sales in the least eventful time of the year. Who needs love when you can be an independent women free of the entanglements of romance? Continue reading

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words – A Little House with a New Beginning

My grandma was a big influence in convincing me to start painting as more than just a hobby. During Christmas a year ago, on our trip to visit family, we chatted at a coffee shop and it wasn’t long before she encouraged me to pursue selling my art. I don’t even remember how it came up in conversation, but I’m glad it did. Continue reading

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