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Where the Magic Happens

I don’t have a dining room anymore. Not there there was much of a dining room to begin with in this cozy little apartment, but what accommodations there once were for sitting at a table and eating are now gone. … Continue reading

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What is the True Value of What You Buy?

I love freebies. I don’t care if I never use something or if a free printable sits in a folder on my desktop never to be seen again, the promise that something is free is so enticing to me. The … Continue reading

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6 Ideas to Brighten a Space with Gallery Walls

I know minimalism is all the rage right now, but something in me cringes when I walk into a house and see stark white walls and no art anywhere. Maybe it’s the artist in me talking, but there’s something about … Continue reading

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The One Thing No One Tells You About Starting A Business

After I started my Etsy shop, I discovered that the internet if full of information about how to be successful. Much of it is very helpful. For someone like me who had no real plan going in, I have learned a … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Bring Back the Lost Art of Snail Mail

Remember handwritten letters? You know, snail mail? Like actual cards that people wrote and sent in the mail? Even though I grew up during the age of letter-writing, I’ve almost forgotten that that’s an option anymore. We live in such … Continue reading

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It’s Never too Late to Learn Something New

Sometimes you have to try something new in order to get you to a place you never would have expected. Sometimes it’s not even about the end goal, but about the small steps you take. Don’t get me wrong, goals are important, but celebrate the little victories along the way. And even if you fail in the endeavor, enjoy the process, learn some life lessons, and get back up and try something else.

Continue reading

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“How to Write a Blog Post That Goes Viral”(and other lies we believe)

It’s really easy to feel insecure in this vast sea of bloggers and small business owners. The more I see of others’ work, the more I feel sucked into the whirlpool of products, blogs, and artwork that fill the internet. In my search for ways to grow my blog and art business, I have found millions (I may or may not be exaggerating) of pins/posts/articles/podcasts telling bloggers and makers how to grow their following and expand their business. Many times I save posts like this because they have really useful tips about growing a blog and business. But a lot of times, they are schemes to get people to click on the link and buy a product. Either way, I wonder about the authenticity of the tips and tricks the writers of these articles are sharing. Continue reading

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When the World Tells You You’re not Enough

And yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that everyone feels a little like this. From the outside, everyone else looks so polished and put together. But we all have our insecurities lurking just behind our whitewashed facades. Continue reading

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Living for the Likes – Approval at the Cost of Creativity

So I was going out on a limb starting this blog and Etsy shop, an endeavor that has no guarantee of success. Because of my dreams of swimming in the cash I planned to make within half a year of starting, I’ve been discouraged by the slow going. As you know, I’m not exactly the Patron Saint of Patience and I’m more interested in the end result and less in the process. Art has been one of the few processes I’ve enjoyed while at the same working toward an end. But I am by no means a professional. I have no formal training. It’s because of the encouragement I’ve gotten along the way that convinced me to pursue this in the first place. Continue reading

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