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The One Thing No One Tells You About Starting A Business

After I started my Etsy shop, I discovered that the internet if full of information about how to be successful. Much of it is very helpful. For someone like me who had no real plan going in, I have learned a … Continue reading

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Tea Talk (A Little Bit of This and That)

Hey, y’all! Are you ready for a little light-hearted conversation? In the vein of what some bloggers have been doing lately (see M is for Mama and Jones Design Company), I’m doing a little recap of what’s new and some random thoughts; … Continue reading

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Living for Friday (and a Free Download)

We teachers do a lot of verbally identifying the day of the week – groaning over Monday, anticipating hump day, and celebrating Friday. This behavior isn’t limited to the teaching profession, of course. A quick perusal of Facebook makes it pretty clear that we’re all living for the weekend. And hey, 4th of July weekend is a pretty great one to look forward to (am I right, Opelt family and our epic firework displays?) Continue reading

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Why Wait?

want to know how things are going to work out NOW!

But I’m selling myself short when I don’t wait on God. I miss the benefits of trusting Him because I become consumed with worry and doubts. Will I ever get what I want? Will it work out the way I think it should? Will I be able handle what I have to do? No amount of worry will answer those questions; only complete trust. And sometimes patience. Continue reading

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