Tea Talk (A Little Bit of This and That)

Hey, y’all! Are you ready for a little light-hearted conversation? In the vein of what some bloggers have been doing lately (see M is for Mama and Jones Design Company), I’m doing a little recap of what’s new and some random thoughts; kind of like hanging out at the coffee shop together and chatting. As a non-coffee-drinker, I prefer to order Chai tea, thus “Tea Talk”.

So in no particular order, here it goes:

Amazing Grace Sign

In my attempt to be somewhat conscience of the latest decorating trends (LOTS and LOTS of hand-painted signs and sayings), I tried my hand at making a sign. HA! It turned into a trial and error experiment that took much longer and ended up much more pitifully than I had envisioned. Oh well! I think I’ll stick with painting pictures. But I like the words, so I’ll keep it.

Watercolor Art Prints

One of the major “WHY GOD!!?” moments in transitioning to life out here was finding a new place to do my art printing (I know, right? There’s my dramatic side again). I thought the profit margin for selling art would be in my favor, but as it turns out, things can get pretty pricey pretty quickly. So after much searching and (again) trial and error, I found a place that does great color copies for a very reasonable price. Again, God is teaching me patience.

Summer Cards

Along with some custom orders, I’ve been working on some new products for the shop. You’d think I’d be cranking them out with all the time I have, but time management is not my strong suit on summer vacation. As the summer is slowly slipping through my fingers, I’m thinking summery thoughts with a set of new cards. Next up: butterfly card set. I’m also taking my time working on some western landscapes. I’ll be adding new things to Birds and Berry Studio on Etsy soon.

Birds and Berry Banner

I signed up to sell at a (semi-) local craft fair in September ad another in November. This is one of those “do I risk putting myself out there for potential failure” situations. My expectations get the better of me and I fear I will be disappointed. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of gal, so I can’t do anything halfheartedly; which means that it’s easier to be let down when you give something all you’ve got and it may not meet expectations.


Our trusty Silver Bullet officially bit the dust and it’s been quite the challenge trying to find a new vehicle. Let me just say that this is one of those sanctifying times in marriage where two sinners are learning to communicate, compromise, and make a huge life-altering decision. How do other people make big purchases so effortlessly?

Boat Tour.jpg

We recently went on a boat tour of Bighorn Canyon, the 3rd largest canyon in the United States. We were the only ones on the boat so we got a private look at at the high cliffs, mountain goats, cliff dwellings, and beautiful blue water. Much needed together time for this quality-time-loving girl.

So what about you? What random things have you been up to? Any final summer shenanigans? Last minute trips? Fun projects?


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8 Responses to Tea Talk (A Little Bit of This and That)

  1. kghocke says:

    I really like this post Anne and wish we could be having in person tea time! I like Jasmine! Lots of excitement and exploring our new neighborhood with Mom and dad’s visit this week. Went to 2 national parks i had never been to and saw a bear at black canyon!! This week Michael’s working in Denver and it happens that one of my old Denver jobs needed coverage too so I’m going to get to work with some elders tomorrow. Excited to brush up on my clinical skills! Having lunch with a friend tomorrow too and meeting her new bf for the first time! Michael’s family is visiting so we’re having dinner with his sister and parents at Applebees (Wednesday is margarita night!) Those are a few random things from me. Mostly happy to be home in Colorado! Ready for the new school year and to see all my kiddos again! Love you!


  2. Jennifer Worrell says:

    We’ve camped a few times this summer. LOVE IT! Your artwork is awesome. Thanks for visiting and following…I look forward to getting to know you!!


    • We love camping to but still haven’t gone this summer. We’ll have to squeeze in a trip before summer’s over. Thanks for visiting; this blog community is new to me, but I love it!


  3. Enjoying your blog, Anne. It’s interesting hearing about your life in Cody. Love the recent note cards I ordered from you and noticed you have new ones which look very unique.. Love, Gma


  4. beth fitch says:

    I love what you are creating!


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